Terms & Conditions of Sale


When purchasing products from this site you are verifying that you are 18+. Products sold on this website are not for the use of minors and we reserve the right to cancel orders from persons under 18+ years of age if we suspect you are not.

Vapesters is an Australian owned and operated merchant, we take pride in the quality of our goods, and we are vapers ourselves too.

Our liquids contain the following:

  • Propylene Glycol (USP)
  • Vegetable Glycerin (BP)
  • Natural and/or Artificial flavours

We do not use the following:

  • Food colourings
  • Oil-Based Flavours
  • Alcohols or Water dilutants

Nicotine in Australia

In Australia nicotine is classified as a “Schedule 7” substance by the Federal Poisons Act, which prohibits it being sold within Australia. We do not sell or supply this, so do not ask, any emails asking if we do will be ignored. Please respect this and the law.

Caring for hardware, juices and consumables policy:

Vapesters provides high quality consumables and e-liquids/juices. Just like you would service a car, your setup needs maintenance and by following the guide below you can keep your setup in good condition as well as lowering the costs of having to replace parts over time.

We adhere to the guidelines set out by Consumer Affairs Victoria for Refunds, Replacements and Warranty Returns and you can find the guidelines at https://www.consumer.vic.gov.au/shopping/refunds-and-returns/refunds-repairs-and-replacements

There are a couple of things that you can do to keep your vape setup in good condition such as:

  • Keeping components out of hot areas like cars, direct sunlight, next to stoves etc.
  • Changing your coils at least once every week or 2 (mileage will vary depending on your use). You will know when your coil needs to be changed because your juice will start to taste burnt or chalky. If you need assistance with how to change a coil let us know
  • Where possible, carrying your setup upright and not lying down.
  • Not charging your device on a high amperage USB charger such as a phone charger. No device manufactured to charge a phone is compatible with any of the devices we sell, and if you do charge your device on a phone charger in most cases it will void the warranty
  • Keeping your standalone batteries free from nicks & chips to the outer wrapping
  • When traveling place all batteries and tanks in separate clear resealable bags
  • Juices should be kept in a dark drawer, box or cupboard for longevity


Tanks (clearomizers, atomizers and cartomizers), wicks, wire, coils, plastic bottles, vape bands, cotton and other items deemed as consumables are designed to be replaced over time and do not come with any kind of warranty unless received as DOA. Please contact us within 24 hours of receipt of your package for any DOA consumables. We do not offer any kind of refund on consumables however we do offer store credit if they are found to be DOA.


Please note that when using any kind of battery extreme care and caution must be taken. The batteries we sell are an advanced item and we take no responsibility or liability for misuse, damage, injury to a person, item or other personal effects as a result of use of these items.

Every care must be taken to ensure that you handle any kind of battery correctly including but not limited to:

Ensuring the battery does not make contact with liquid

Ensuring the battery is kept in a protective case when not in use

Ensuring the battery is left free from chips or exposure as a result of damage to the battery wrap

Not charging your device on a phone charger, or high amperage charger as this can damage the device & void the warranty, Recommended charging is 1Amp or less.

Ensuring the battery is used in a mod suited to the battery type

Ensuring the battery is charged on a proper c-tick, amperage suitable device

Ensuring the battery is kept away from heat, flames and direct sunlight


All of our e-liquid juices are made using food grade ingredients like propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine and food grade flavourings and should be handled as you would treat food. Due to health regulations, we are unable to refund or exchange any liquid products.

Some people have been known to have an adverse reaction to propylene glycol and/or vegetable glycerine, if you have not used these before please exercise caution when using for the first time.

– We reserve the right to void any warranty if any of the above is found to be the cause of breakage of an item

Please note that if you are found to be reselling items purchased from our store then the warranty period is null and void.

Changed your mind like a roo?

At this time, we do not offer refunds for change of mind so please choose carefully before purchasing any item.

Vapesters, what do i do if i have received a faulty or incorrect item?

If you happen to receive a faulty or incorrect item, please contact us within 24 hours support@vapesters.com.au we are always happy to discuss in order to arrange a return and replacement/refund in the form of a store credit to the value of your returned item.
All faulty items will need to be sent back to us for assessment before we will refund or replace the item, this is to ensure that the item is faulty so that it can be returned from us to the manufacturer for investigation.

Postage for faulty items is at the customer’s expense and will be reimbursed if the item is found to be faulty by the manufacturer. Please note that if the item is not found to be faulty then postage will not be covered by Vapesters.

Shipping within Australia

The Vapesters Kangaroo time frame for shipping orders is 1-2 business days from when an order is placed. Our shipping cut off times- All orders must be placed before 1pm NSW time (Mon-Fri) to maximise same day dispatch, as we do generally get most orders out the same day, sometimes this is not possible during extremely busy periods.

If an order is placed on a weekend or public holiday it will be shipped out the next working day or as stated above. Please keep this in mind if you are running low on items around holiday periods.

All our items are shipped via Australia EXPRESS POST. Express Post orders can take 1-3 working days depending on where you live, and up to 8 days if you are outside a metro area. We only ship within Australia. Please contact us before placing an order if you require international shipping to discuss.

Check out http://auspost.com.au/parcels-mail/delivery-areas.html to see if you are in an Express Post area or not. Note our shipping distribution post code is 2753 N.S.W

Once an item has been shipped and left Vapesters, we hold no responsibility for packages that go missing and/or damaged in transit. We may be able to assist where possible with an Auspost enquiry if there is a dispute of delivery, but we are not obliged to replace an order should AusPost lose or fail to deliver your package undamaged.

Damages to deliveries left via safe drop in the outback Hot temperatures or acts of god, damages caused by persons and pets are not covered by Vapesters as we ensure all items are well packed above and beyond to minimise these risks as best as possible.

A warranty may only be claimed where proof of original purchase is presented, i.e. original purchase receipt or invoice. Under Australian consumer law in the event of a warranty issue, you are responsible for the return postage of the product to us.

Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.

The guarantees under the Australian Consumer Law (“ACL”) are provided in sections 51 to 59 inclusive of the ACL (“Statutory Guarantees”) and the remedies are provided in sections 259 to 266 inclusive of the ACL (“StatutoryRemedies”).

  •  Liquids: As our liquids and concentrates contain food-grade ingredients and are considered consumable, we do not allow returns at this time.  Please keep in mind that taste is subjective!  While we hope to please your taste buds, we cannot guarantee their satisfaction.
  • Coils / Clearomisers / Atomisers: With a DOA policy of 36 hours on atomiser coils, we do not offer a standard warranty on these items as they are considered consumables (designed to be used and thrown away after a certain amount of time)- please keep in mind that coils must have adequate e-liquid in the wicking material (“primed” with e-liquid) before firing to ensure the coil doesn’t “burn out” – we cannot replace coils that have not be correctly used, sufficiently primed, or used at incorrect wattages, causing burnt wicking material.
  • Batteries – As batteries are consumable items, in the case of an item dead on arrival (DOA) we will happily replace a faulty battery within two weeks from the purchase date (7days)
  • Mods/Chargers/Other hardware devices: Please read our warranty and returns information below 

Warranty & Returns

Here at VAPESTERS, we’re all vapers ourselves, and we understand how frustrating it can be to receive a faulty device, so we’ve streamlined our returns process to make it faster and more efficient for you.


Vaping gear can sometimes be complex and confusing to use unless you’ve done your research, so make sure you’ve Googled the problem you’re having and read as much as you can about how to operate your device.

Start with simple troubleshooting steps, to begin with – for instance, if your mod won’t fire, try changing the batteries (if they’re replaceable), try using a different atomiser to eliminate the possibility that it’s actually your atomiser that’s faulty, and try turning the mod off and on again, most devices require 3 clicks to turn them on as a safety lock from children. Please try and read the products instructions carefully.

It’s important to make sure you’ve done everything you can to troubleshoot the problem before you return an item to us (we recommend signing up for Paypal Refund Returns – they will reimburse any return shipping costs), because if we receive a returned item that isn’t faulty you’ll need to pay a return shipping fee of $10.78 in order for us to send your device back to you.

Please note that;

  • Unlabelled or otherwise unrecognisable return packages will delay the returns process. We have received a few returns with no identifiable personal information, which obviously makes matching to a customer quite difficult! 
  • If the item is in good working order and we’re unable to detect any problems that would require a refund or replacement, you’ll need to pay a return shipping fee of $10.78 in order for us to return your hardware to you. If the item is faulty and we send you a replacement, we’ll cover the cost of shipping.

If you’ve read all of the above and you’ve performed troubleshooting on your device and your problem still persists, Please copy and paste this in an Email to us with the following details filled out.

  • Full Name
  • Contact Email
  • Phone Number (if we need to contact you for further information.
  • Product Details
    – Order ID
    – Faulty Product (Name and model of the product)
    – Problem Description
    – Troubleshooting Steps Followed or Action Taken

If you have any questions about the product returns process, or want to follow up on an existing return request, contact us at returns@vapesters.com.au

Warranty resolutions from time of purchase.

Time of fault: 0-3 Months

Vapesters or the manufacturer will determine, at no cost to the customer, whether the product is faulty and the cause of the fault within a reasonable time frame. In the event of a fault and if the product is determined faulty through no fault of the customer, then the customer can request an exchange, credit, or refund of the original purchase price.

As the product cycle in the vape industry is quite rapid with new products being released all the time, our standard procedure is to credit the purchase price back into your account so you can purchase any new device that you like.

Alternatively, customers can request repair free of charge in accordance with the manufacturer’s warranty.

Time of fault: 3-12 Months

Majority of Manufactures give a 3 month base warranty for fault. We at Vapesters can do the best we can to try redeem an extended warranty if approved by manufacturer. There is no guarantee that faults the exceed the manufactures warranty period will accept to fix / or replace the device.Manufactures do not deem wear and tear as fault unless within 3 days of arrival and no damages to the device.

Warranty conditions:

The Product must be used in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions. This Warranty does not apply should the defect in or failure of the Product be attributable to misuse, abuse, accident, act of God such as lightning, or non observance of manufacturer’s instructions on the part of the user. This Warranty does not cover ordinary wear and tear in the Product or its parts.

VAPESTERS does not accept liability for

  1. any loss or damage however suffered, caused by or arising out of any failure to use the Product in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, and
  2. any indirect, consequential or economic loss or damage however caused.

This Warranty is immediately void if –

  1. Any serial number or appliance plate is removed or defaced to hide it
  2. The Product has been serviced or otherwise repaired by a person not authorised to do so by VAPESTERS or where non approved replacement parts are used.
  3. Under investigation the item you provide is found to have not been brought from us.

The Product is designed for domestic use only. The Product must be connected to the electrical voltage supply as specified in the ratings label located on the Product. This Warranty does not cover defects arising from non-domestic use or incorrect voltage supply

This Warranty may only be claimed against where proof of original purchase is presented, for example, original paper or email receipt, or invoice.

Any parts of the Product that needs to be replaced, or if the whole Product needs to be replaced, the replaced Product, become the property of VAPESTERS. The Warranty on any replacement Product or parts will expire on the same date that the Warranty Period on the original Product expires.

The benefits provided by this Warranty are in addition to all other rights and remedies in respect of the Product which the Purchaser has under the Trade Practices Act 1974 and/or any other applicable State and Territory Laws, and applicable laws in New Zealand, which rights and remedies by law may not be excluded. All other warranties and representations, express and implied, are hereby excluded.

The Purchaser bears the onus of proving that the defect occurred during the Warranty Period, and was not caused by any of the causes excluded from this Warranty.

This Warranty does not cover products purchased second hand.

The Purchaser is responsible for all postage and freight charges and any other expenses incidental to claiming against this Warranty.

The Warranty excludes consumable items (such as batteries, coils, liquids, wire and cotton) or from normal wear and tear.

If you’re certain your product is defective, and the product is covered by the terms of this warranty, You need to return the item to our online warehouse via the returns@vapesters.com.au email address. In this event, per the terms of this warranty you will need to present the purchase receipt as proof of purchase so please make sure you keep your receipt on hand for the duration of the warranty period.

In rare instances, we may email you to inform you of important and/or critical issues related to our products.  These may include promotional offers and sales.  We value and respect your privacy, and will never release or sell your information to third parties.

These products are intended for those 18 years of age or older. While there is no current Australian legislation prohibiting the sale of Vapourisers/Electronic Cigarettes to minors as these products contain no nicotine, we cannot condone the use of these products by minors and will cancel and refund any order we discover processed by someone under the age of 18.